Traffic Load and Internet Speed ​​Problems of Content Servers in Livestream Broadcasts

To understand the benefits of TCP Accelerator solutions in real-time streaming video distribution, it is useful to first examine the issues of system management and network performance. Today, IT management of channels broadcasting FullHD and UltraHD such as WEB TV, PayTV, and IPTV compress the video. The required speed for Full HD is considered to be 5 Mbps in system management, but due to the investment costs and the performance/profit/loss equation, system administrators have to compromise standards in the real world so the speed can drop to 2 Mbps for FullHD. Let`s assume that the bandwidth dedicated to the Streaming Video Server is 1 Gbps. With a 1 Gbps/2 Mbps calculation, a maximum of 500 customers could be served with this server, but we know that things do not work like that in the real world. Even if the processor capacity of the Streaming Video server is sufficient, the connection capacity will limit the speed.

The internal traffic load in a data center is on average 60-70% of the full network capacity. Data center traffic that provides streaming video service is pure, but when internet networks are accessed, the bandwidth capacity cannot be used 100% because there are millions of people using the network and QoS guaranteed traffic on the network. It may be desirable to use it, but it is better not to use it, otherwise, if everyone uses 100% of the bandwidth capacity, QoS performance in network traffic would be lost. If we accept that the system administrators who do not want to disrupt the QoS performance use 70% of the bandwidth network capacity, 350 customers can be served per server according to this capacity, but if we accept that 70% of the available capacity is used for 1-to-1 protection and other risk factors in general, 250 customers can be served per server. System administrators do not prefer to run the server at this performance so as not to strain the processor capacity and cooling systems. However, let`s say we have 250 clients with 1 Gbps dedicated bandwidth per server, and all of these clients come home in the evening to watch a “Livestream” movie or a football match. The result is that the system will overload, the broadcast will be broken, it will freeze, and it will be interrupted.

TAYF Teknoloji`s TCP Acceleration solutions will meet your bandwidth and speed requirements to overcome high packet losses and excessive jitter problems in oversubscription conditions caused by capacity and quality problems of internet networks and will enable you to provide faster and higher quality service to more customers with your current investment.

As investors and managers, protect your profitability by using our system infrastructure investment with maximum efficiency, reduce costs with the least new investment, increase the current system performance while reducing your costs, gain a competitive advantage by preventing network congestion and speed problems that may impair the service quality and satisfaction you provide to your customers, and increase your market share. Take advantage of this technology before your competitors discover the TCP Acceleration solutions offered by TAYF Technology. Use your investment with high efficiency, and gain the opportunity to add more customers to each server!

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