TCP Acceleration & Optimization

SpeedUp Captain TCP Acceleration and Optimization Network Device manages bandwidth congestion and traffic delays in LAN and WAN traffic with advanced intelligent algorithms and It offers higher speed performance.

PCT Patented SpeedUp Captain TCP Acceleration & Optimization solution is unrivaled in the global market with its advanced technology. Investing in SpeedUp Captain saves on ever-increasing bandwidth costs and system upgrade investments.

50.000 TCP Session / Sec

2 x 2 SFP Port + 2 x 2 LAN Port

1-10 Gbit

Each port group is configured in a different Subnet topology, accelerating and optimizing TCP traffic for the Subnets/IPs assigned to the Port Groups. Binary port groups function as LAN IN- LAN OUT/WAN.

SpeedUp Captain Professional is sold with either a lifetime or a one-year software license.

SpeedUpCaptain TCP Acceleration & Optimization

  • It is located in the local network topology, between the physical and virtual (Sender/Tx) computer and WAN directing systems such as router, firewall, modem.
  • It runs transparently with QoS applications and Layer3 systems in wired (copper, fiber) and wireless (3G / 4G / 5G and 802.11) wide area networks.
  • As the bandwidth demand increases in LAN&WAN traffic, it provides high speed and lowest packet loss performance in upload and download LAN&WAN traffic without being affected by the factors that disrupt internet traffic such as congestion, packet drop, latency, jitter.
  • It preserves the existing bandwidth without making any hardware/system change in the existing network topology and speeds up the internet traffic depending on the congestion conditions.
  • When it runs uni-directionally on the Transmit Tx / Sender side, it accelerates the upload traffic of the sender computers. When it runs both at the Tx / Sender transmitter computer side and Rx / Destination receiver computer side, it mutually speeds up the upload traffic of both sender computers and client computers.
  • It does not use buffering (cache) in user connections (such as real-time video conference, Gamer, etc.) and does not create an additional delay.
  • Provides efficient use of energy and excellent time management as it uses the bandwidth at maximum efficiency
  • Allows Upload/Download to be done with maximum efficiency regardless of the size or format of the data.